Dremus offer

We specialize in processing the noble material of wood. We offer the highest quality, competitive prices, and comprehensive services – from selling FSC-certified wood and processing intricate elements to detailed wood finishing. We combine professionalism with a collaborative approach and the cultivation of lasting relationships.


We produce environmentally friendly fuelwood in the form of pellets. Explore its unique properties, making it an excellent source of energy that is also environmentally friendly.

Furniture making

Dremus offers excellent quality and craftsmanship that will meet your highest expectations. With our services, you can create unique furniture and solutions that perfectly fit your needs and style. We invite you to collaborate with our experienced team of carpenters.

Garden decor

We offer garden furniture, planters, and crates with a unique style and high quality that will give your garden a distinctive character. Create a beautiful and functional outdoor space with our products.
Usługi CNC

CNC services

CNC Woodworking Services involve precise, computer-controlled technologies enabling accurate cutting and milling of wooden components. These services find application in producing furniture, stairs, and carpentry. Discover the specific service we can provide for you.
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Wooden bedding

We supply natural, dust-free, and absorbent sawdust, ensuring the comfort and well-being of horses, dogs, chickens, and more. We offer high quality at a competitive price.

Elevation board

Choose a wooden elevation board that, thanks to its appropriate thickness, allows for installation without visible screws or other connecting elements. Our attention to detail guarantees an aesthetic appearance.
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Wooden floorboard

A wooden board brings durability, natural charm, and unique aesthetics. Choosing it for your terrace arrangement will create the perfect space for outdoor relaxation.

Wooden structures

We are ready to take on orders for producing elements with complex parameters and irregular shapes. We manufacture components needed for the construction of sheds, stables, and various types of structures.


We will give your elements a new shine and durability. Our team of specialists is ready to help you achieve the desired results.

Machine park

Through years of experience working with wood, we have learned to respect this noble material, and today, we know no limits in its processing. We have everything to fulfill even the most complex orders - experience, skills, and a modern machine park. Our hallmark is quality and punctuality. The Dremus production facility is located in the heart of Poland, greatly facilitating logistics.

Centrum obróbcze CNC CMS Pro Evolution TWIN wyposażone w dwie głowice 5-osiowe

Centrum obróbcze SCM Record 110 – 5-osiowe

Centrum obróbcze Biesse Rover C.6 – 2 głowice (5 i 3-osiowa)

Dwie linie lakiernicze wyposażone w automaty natryskowe z lampami UV i tunelem suszącym

Robot lakierniczy wyposażony w linię do malowania okien i drzwi

Strugarka 4-stronna WEINING Unimat 7 głowicowa

Strugarka Powermat 700 5-głowicowa

Strugarka CUBE

Szlifierka WEBER

Formatyzerko-czopiarka GMC

Piła formatowa

Dwie piły do profilowania MZ Hopper

Wiertarki wielowrzecionowe

Frezarki profilowe

Prasa pionowa do klejenia długość do 6,5m

Pozostałe frezarki, grubościówki itd.


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