Experience measured in generations

We have been working with wood for over 30 years. Woodworking is something we excel at.

Machine park

Through years of experience working with wood, we have learned to respect this noble material, and today, we know no limits in its processing. We have everything to fulfill even the most complex orders - experience, skills, and a modern machine park. Our hallmark is quality and punctuality. The Dremus production facility is located in the heart of Poland, greatly facilitating logistics.
Our machines
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'We form a team that combines a passion for wood. Passion gives rise to professionalism, and professionalism creates quality.'

Manor house

With respect to tradition, we acquired a dilapidated manor in the picturesque village of Gorczyn.
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In the annual rings of wood, we count the passing years. Just as we treat wood with respect, we look upon history with reverence. We restore the former splendor of the manor, giving it new life, utilizing our production capabilities and resources. The manor was likely built in the 1830s. Over the years, it has become a permanent element of the local landscape, symbolizing the continuity of tradition and national history.
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